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We have the ears for transcription!
It's the age of audio-visual content and the role of transcription, subtitles, and captions has never been more important.
Written text is not going away, it's just adapting to the way people consume content.
Streaming movies need their English or foreign language subtitles to reach a global audience.
Audio and video presentations need to be converted for distribution and syndication to social media platforms.
Voice-recorded and hand-written legal reports need to be in digital format.
Content needs to have a text version to be searchable by the people who look for them.
Make your podcast episodes more accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, the English language learners, and researchers. They'll thank you later.
There are more reasons but you get the idea: WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO.
And because audio and video files will not transcribe themselves and will certainly not format themselves in the way you want them to, that's where we enter the picture.
And if you're a life coach, did you know that your videos are a treasure trove of content you can reuse and repurpose for your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest? You'll never run out of content ever again!
Over the years, we realized that we're really good at this! We have developed a whole range of skills and learned the tools of the trade. But aside from our bionic ears and blazing fast fingers, we also have creative minds.
The Umritun Family now has more than 100 members with various skills and expertise--from transcribers to translators to captioners to content writers to social media managers to marketing experts.
We recognize the highly competitve nature of the market.
About Us
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